CoreStates Bank, NA
Trooper Branch
Trooper, PA

View of Main Entrance - Photo; Hugh Loomis
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This branch bank, which is approximately 3,500 SF in area, is one of 32 branches designed by Manos as either renovations or new buildings for First Pennsylvania Bank, now CoreStates Bank.

Although it looks like a new building, the illustrated project in fact entailed the extensive renovation of a former fast food restaurant (see Additional View), complete with new exterior skin, new interior, creation of a new sub-tenant space, and sitework. Standard bank design criteria were applied to the design (First Pennsylvania Bank design criteria were coincidentally developed by Manos under a separate contract). In addition to construction code issues, considerable coordination efforts were expended in meeting with Township staff to successfully satisfy local land use regulations

Design considerations included the "over-the-counter transaction" environment which is often a part of facilities which are open to the public. Such activities offer an interesting design challenge in the need to combine an atmosphere of welcome for the benefit of the customer with a sense of control and security for the service provider. Also, there is a need for materials which are both attractive and able to stand up to constant traffic in and out of the facility.

All equipment for the branch, including bank equipment, furniture systems, communications systems, alarm and security systems, and graphics systems were identified and shown on plan during preliminary and final design on "FFE" plans and schedules. FFE documents serve as coordinating drawings for bank management and purchasing departments, vendors, subconsultants, and contractors.. Bank facilities are ADA-compliant, and Manos has in place a program for reviewing and implementing current Indoor Air Quality ("IAQ") standards.

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