Pennsylvania Department of Transportation
in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Department of General Services
Susquehanna County Welcome Center
Great Bend Township, PA

Rendered computer model, view of main entrance
Additional views

The Susquehanna Welcome Center, a facility of approximately 8,000 square feet being planned by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, is situated on a 23-acre site in Great Bend Township adjacent to US Interstate Rte. 81 southbound, in northern Pennsylvania, about one-half mile south of the New York Border. This center will serve visitors travelling from as far north as Canada to as far south as Florida. The facility contains men's and women's rest rooms, telephones, a vending area, a visitor's information area, indoor and outdoor display areas, brochure displays, staff office and toilet, staff lounge, brochure storage area, and maintenance and utility rooms. The facility serves two main purposes, both of which place heavy demands on the physical plant itself: providing restrooms for the travelling public, and offering over-the-counter information services for visitors.

Following several design modifications, the building illustrated in the computer rendering above has evolved to its currently proposed form.

All millwork on the interior is custom-designed to complement the functional requirements of the Center. Lighting is carefully located and directed to minimize veiling reflections on reading and viewing surfaces. Materials are selected for both durability and good appearance. Hardware is selected for durability and maintainability. HVAC systems are designed to tolerate and compensate for over-cycling stemming from constant opening and closing of exterior doors. This latter problem is also addressed in the configuration of the building itself, wherein interior activities and entrances are positioned in relation to each other in ways which minimize the effects on the interior of air infiltration.

Additional Views