CoreStates Bank, NA
Human Resources Group
Centre Square Complex, Philadelphia, PA

Human Resources Group
View of Entrance, from Elevator Lobby
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The Human Resources Group project involved a complex rearrangement of personnel, comprising approximately 200 upper and middle management, and support staff positions. Personnel in the Human Resources department had been located on various floors in two buildings. This project, designed in collaboration with Sally Ferullo (formerly with CoreStates Facilities Services Group, now President of Facility Solutions, Inc., of Philadelphia) entailed the consolidation of the department onto two floors (approximately 30,000 square feet each) of a center city Philadelphia high rise. One of the two floors was completely occupied, the other floor partially occupied. The project and bidding documents were organized into six construction phases, each phase followed by staff moves at the end. Only one move was needed for all groups except one, which moved twice.

Services included taking inventories of all existing furniture and equipment and incorporating appropriate components into the new plan according to a schedule developed by the owner following the initial inventory. Drawings showing each component of furniture (systems furniture was used for most of the staff) along with the equipment on it or in it were developed for use by engineering disciplines and for move coordination. A considerable amount of electronic data processing equipment was involved and considerable trades coordination necessary to assure smooth facility start-up. Architectural documentation included locations for floor coring where needed to feed systems furniture. Project was completed on schedule, with no staff downtime.

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