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Jerry A. Laiserin, AIA


Have you, as an owner, developer, architect, or contractor, been wondering if you can use the Internet to facilitate project management? The answer, without a doubt, is, "Yes," according to Information Technology specialist Jerry A. Laiserin, AIA. In this exclusive interview, here is what he has to say . . .

The Winner!!

Selected Previous Features . . .

The Designers 3D CAD Shoot-Out
The results are in! . . This year's winner of Professor Geoffrey Moore Langdon's annual 3D CAD Shootout, featuring twelve of the top current Architectural CAD drawing programs, has been announced! In an extremely close race this year, The MiniCAD Team has come out on top and captures the Shoot-out's Architectural CADD Cup honors . . .
Prof. Moore's preliminary report on the results

SF 254

SF 255

In Pursuit of Federal A-E Contracts
Are you interested in pursuing federal A-E contracts, but either don't know how to go about it, or know the basics, but haven't had much luck getting past the pre-selection committee? Manos Architects shares your interest and, while we haven't yet landed that big fish, we have learned a lot about what federal contracting people look for in responses, how to read between the lines of the Commerce Business Daily announcements, and how to structure the SF 254 and SF 255 for maximum impact. Let us share our experiences with you, and please feel free to share your experiences with us!