Fresh as all outdoors?

Forming a Consensus on IAQ* Vision

by Steve Sharp

The formation of a Human Health Indoors Policy (HHIP) Committee was recently announced by the Environmental Protection Agency with the purpose of unifying the multitude of indoor air quality activities that are currently spread out over many agencies including the EPA, OSHA, NIOSH, the Department of Energy, and the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The committee's first order of business will be to summarize the current state of indoor air programs, and develop a vision and goals for the protection of human health indoors in the 21st Century.

The committee will review existing indoor air quality problems such as carbon monoxide, asbestos, radon, lead poisoning and environmental tobacco smoke, and also emerging issues regarding allergic diseases and asthma caused by dust mites, cockroaches, pets and molds. Also expected to be addressed by the committee is the susceptibility of the elderly, young children, and the chronically ill who spend an inordinate amount of time indoors; the design, construction, operation and maintenance requirements to produce healthy environments in homes, schools and the workplace; and the proper selection and use of indoor air quality products.

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