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Jerry Laiserin on Managing Design and Construction on the Internet
In Pursuit of Federal Contracts?
  • A Few Suggestions for the Response Process
  • "Qualified" Is Not the Same as "Capable"
  • If Ignorance is Bliss
    Computer Applications in the Design Office
  • Getting Started
  • Selecting a system - Mac or DOS
  • What You Will Need
    Environmental Issues
  • Remember IAQ During Construction Activities
  • UST Dealine (Just) A Year Away
  • Consensus on IAQ Vision


    In Pursuit of Federal A-E Contracts
    Are you interested in pursuing federal A-E contracts, but either don't know how to go about it, or know the basics, but haven't had much luck getting past the pre-selection committee? Manos Architects shares your interest and, while we haven't yet landed that big fish, we have learned a lot about what federal contracting people look for in responses, how to read between the lines of the Commerce Business Daily announcements, and how to structure the SF 254's and SF 255's for maximum impact.

    We've also spent a lot of time researching contract awards and have come up with some very interesting -- and, for the architectural community, somewhat disturbing -- findings.

    Below are the titles of the articles in our three-part series on this topic.

    We look forward to your feedback and to sharing your experiences with the solicitation process.


    Getting Started with Computers
    Are you starting a new practice? Do you already have a practice but are hesitating to incorporate the computer into it? Are you unsure of what to buy and when to buy it? We know how you feel; we've been there, and we're ready to share with you the things we've learned along the way. Join us in this next three-part series,

    CAD Demos


    Guest Articles
    Reminders from the technical staff at Criterion Labs . . .